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Where are you located?

I work at Iris Tattoo in Wynwood - Miami

Can I bring friends with me?

Sure! But please bring only 1 or 2 friends.

I’m under 18, can I get a tattoo?

To get a tattoo at Iris you have to be over 18 years old, no exceptions.

Do you do piercings?

No, but at the studio we have a lot of amazing piercers who do!

What styles do you do?

I love doing fineline, microrealism and anything illustrative. You can check out my Instagram to see more!

Can I see the design before the appointment?

No but don't worry! With all the information that you give me i'll be able to design something for you and the appointment is long enough to do any changes to it if it's necessary.

I’ve got sensitive skin and I am prone to allergies, can I get a tattoo?

Even though all the inks that I use are plant based and it shouldn’t give you any allergies you should ask your doctor if you can get a tattoo with your skin conditions.

Do colors heal differently in different skin tones?

Yes they do, the darker the skin the more opaque the colors will heal. That is because when your skin heals the first layer of your skin is regenerated over the tattoo you got and the darker your skin, the darker the layer. If you want to have colors in your tattoo I will help you to make the best decisions so your tattoo looks wonderful.

I am prone to get queloid, can I get a tattoo?

Yes you can but it helps me a lot to know that before I tattoo you since I’ll know I will have to be a little more delicate with your skin. But in reality you shouldn’t get queloids by getting a tattoo.

Does the black ink turn green over time?

No, the inks have improved a lot in the past years so that doesn’t happen anymore.

How do I heal my tattoo?

I will explain it on the day of your tattoo.

How often should I retouch my tattoo?

If you heal your tattoo correctly you shouldn’t need to retouch it and also if you treat your skin well after your tattoo is healed. Very fine line tattoos tend to fade a bit but with one touch up it should be fine.
There are some exceptions like finger tattoos or on the side of the foot which do need to get retouched since they always fade away. I recommend you to put moisturizing cream on your tattoo everyday after it heals and sunscreen to maintain it beautiful. Remember: your tattoo ages with your skin, the more you take care of it the better it will look!

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